Sorep Representacoes Ltda. has been acting on paper market since 1987 in Brazil and since 1993 in Southern Common Market as well. In Brazil, Sorep represents, exclusively, to Sao Paulo, Minas Gerais and Goias states, paper manufacturers that produce:

• paper for printing and writing,
• paper for packaging,
• special papers,
• recycled papers,
• one-time carbon paper,
• silk paper,
• monolucid papers,
• papers with polyethylene and polypropylene coating (also folding boxboards),
• laminated cardboards,
equipment for conversion and various applications,
• autocopying and thermal paint,
• corrugated cardboards.

Sorep also represents wood pulp, plastic stretch films and adhesive tapes manufacturers. Additionally, Sorep acts as intermediary in business, facilitating the exchange of equipment for conversion (coaters, rewinders, soft calenders and air knives) and of paper industry’s machinery and equipment.